The Operation of the removal of teeth.


The local or general anaesthetic or local with analgesia has been successful. The staff are in position.

Mouth gags should not be used, as there is no way to find out how much pressure they are exerting. And the Temporomandibular joint might get upset.

Personal preference comes into the actual extraction of teeth. Choice of position and choice of instruments. Personally I start at the upper left hand side. Annd with a medium sized straight elevator the teeth are loosened form the back to the front. The patient we are dealing with would have a gingival condition for sure and, the extractions would not be too difficult. After this procedure of the extraction, the molars, premolars.canines and incisors---of course there could be a gap or two, due to previous extractions. There is now plenty of space to Remove the unerupted wisdom tooth. Bleeding can be controlled by some small packs. Do NOT pack the sockets, as pure blood is going to fill the sockets so natural healing can take place.

The removal of the wisdom teeth--at the age of these patients the density of the bone would not be great. The tuberosity of the maxilla can be seen, posterior to the last extracted molar, under this, is the unerupted wisdom tooth. In this case there is a minimal amount of bone but quite an amount of soft tissue. As the anterior molars have gone you can see an easy extraction coming up. Remember we have no xray but from all the unerupted wisdom teeth in this age group this configuration is very, very typical. A scapel,elevators and I prefer upper premolar forceps, to complete the removal. Then we extract the right side of the maxilla. Of course, in a similar manner to left side.

The denture is then inserted. Instructions are given.

Do not take out the denture for 5 hours. Then take out and rinse with one teaspoon of salt in an 8 ounce glass,every 2hours. Only leave the denture out for 5 ins as the gums could swell and pain could ensue. If the denture is left out for some time--you could have wasted your, money, and suffered some pain.

Do this every 2 hours. If relief is required put your thumb in your mouth and pull the denture forward. If there is undue swelling or bleeding, pain, or denture sore spots---come--- into the surgery for help. Which is always available.

Inserting the full Upper

The result of leaving an

unerupted wisdom teeth under

the denture, finance and pain.


The denture should be relined (remodelled) in 6 months.