Here we have an example of a lower canine extraction. The usual forcep for this one that has it's beaks at a right angle to the handle. The wrist is not an extremely strong joint and the lower canine can be some of the hardest to extract. What do we do--we use the upper canine forceps which has a straight handle, and stand behind the patient who is in a semi supine position. the beaks are forced down the root and the arm is straight. This means that the wrist is locked and the whole forearm does the rotating.This method never goes wrong.

Of course there are many variations on this theme with other instruments. Using upper premolar forceps to extract upper wisdom teeth rather than molar forceps as upper wisdom teeth tend to be small.

Broken roots of upper premolars can usually be removed with a NiTi reamer, diameter wider than the canal.and revolved out, the root is usually the palatal on the first, but elsewhere of course.

Using lower premolar forceps for extracting upper premolars, on the right side if you are right handed and vice versa.


A look at some instruments---Remember personal choice---or design your own.