Fluoridation and the future.

But first a look at the history of the past and the total disregard of a
vocal group who have little idea of Dental Health especially of our children.

In 1964, I started a Dental practice in an industrial suburb of Melbourne, it was slow for about 4 months, and then I had to employ another operator. It did not take long --in the first couple of months I found that Dental Health was very sadly lacking. The rate of DMFT--Decayed Missing Filled Teeth--of the Dental condition was extremely high. To explain the extraction situation. On Friday afternoons for four hours, the practice did a general anaesthetic session. Usually there were 6-8 children--for ten minute anaesthetics. I should imagine the average number of extractions was 6 of the deciduous (baby) molars. What those poor mites had been through made me shudder. In some cases there were abscesses nearly from ear to ear. The ages that were involved were from 4yrs. to 10-11yrs. In the latter age of this group, it was not unusual for the first permanent molars i.e. 6 year olds to be removed.

You must remember that deciduous teeth are the space maintainers for the teeth underneath. Loss of deciduous-- teeth drift-- less space for permanent tooth underneath-- Example --the 6yr. old molar - behind the deciduos molars Which have been extracted. Drifts forword into the space for the premolars underneath---Along comes the Orthodontist--in the childs teenage.

After the children came the adults. I suppose 3-4. The majority of these cases were for full immediate dentures. Usually upper dentures as we tried to save the lowers with restorations. Lower dentures should be avoided--hard to get used too and wear.

This practice was a general one and walk in pain extractions would average 6-8 per day. Crowns and Bridges were carried out regularly. And this era was before Implants and Veneers.

These Fri. sessions would go on for well over 20 years but of course slowed down when the affects of fluoridation came into fruition. That was for greater Melbourne. Beginning in1977. Of course the benefits were not seen for years later -- Bacchus Marsh was in 1962. A lot more on the Fluoride Ion later.---Of course my practice should have saved more teeth than what it lost. Without F- , and lack of Oral Hygiene--and a poor diet, with fermentable carbohydrates present. A lot of this pain and treatment would have been avoided, if preventative measures had been available.

This must be avoided to get this Very dramatic of course--and it is meant to be--By the way this not a denture.



The maintenance of Dental and Oral Health, and the prevention of Dental Caries.

A healthy diet free of fermentable carbohydrates, sucrose and fructose (which comes in fairly weighty, a fructose diet enhances the progression of carious lesions as much as a sucrose diet. It is a fruit sugar--apples etc.) Avoidance of packaged "Goodies" chips, chocolates and of course CoCo Pops for breakfast, drinks that all contain massive loads of sugars, plus caffeine, does it keep you happy?!!


Water fluoridation and use of fluoride toothpastes
and mouth rinses significantly reduce the prevalence of dental caries. WHO

The World Health Organisation--We must say is an Authority of much credence and of course authority.


These are in the group of elements Called "Halogens" i.e. salt formers--- the -ine at the end usually becomes -ide as the salt. Fluoride. This is known as the fluoride ion. For example Sodium Fluoride-Calcium Chloride-Sodium Bromide. The first two are gases. Actually Fluorine is the most active of all the 92 natural elements. Bromine is a liquid and along with Mercury the only two liquids of all the elements.

Common salt is of course NaCl--Sodium Chloride. Swimming pools are Chlorinated for health reasons. NaBr--Sodium Bromide or KBr. together with chloral hydrate was used during the WW2 to sedate agitated troops and reduce sexual desire. Iodine is a solid or, crystal--and of course used in diluted liquid form as an antiseptic. The last one Astatine is the orphan. At an atomic number 85. It occurs on Earth only as the result of the radioactive decay of certain heavier elements.


You may ask what this is leading up too, well the few examples of the many uses of the Halogens given show what a useful group of elements they are.

Now to the Fluoride Ion.

The hypothesis that dental caries could be prevented by adjusting the fluoride level of community water supplies from negligible levels to 1.0-1.2 ppm. Was tested in four pairs of cities in the USA of each pair, one had F- in the water and the other had none. The prevalence of dental fluorosis in the intervention communities was comparable with what had been observed in cities where drinking water contained natural fluoride at 1.0 ppm.. over 13-15 years, caries was reduced 50%-70% among children in the communities with fluoridated water.

The prevalence of dental fluorosis in the city with F- in the water was comparable with what had been observed in cities where drinking water contained natural fluoride at 1.0 ppm. Different climates and geographic regions in the United States led in 1962 to the development of a recommended optimum range of fluoride concentration of 0.7-1.2 ppm, with the lower concentration recommended for warmer climates ( water consumption higher) and the higher concentration for colder climates .

How it Works.

Enamel and dentin are composed of mineral crystals (primarily calcium and phosphate) embedded in an organic protein/lipid matrix. Dental mineral is dissolved readily by acid produced by cariogenic bacteria when they metabolize fermentable carbohydrates. Fluoride present in solution at low levels, which becomes concentrated in dental plaque, can substantially inhibit dissolution of tooth mineral by acid.

Fluoride enhances remineralisation by adsorbing to the tooth surface and attracting calcium ions present in saliva. Fluoride also acts to bring the calcium and phosphate ions together and is included in the chemical reaction that takes place, producing a crystal surface that is much less soluble in acid than the original tooth mineral.


F- Used in Water supplies.

Adding one of three compounds to the water: sodium fluoride, fluorosilicic acid, sodium fluorosilicate. And it must be remembered that the concentration is one part per million---ppm. Which, depending on the climate can vary. Supplemental F- e.g. in toothpastes and mouthwashes should not be swollowed. There are a few country towns in Victoria--Nhill-Kaniva-Port Fairy etc. where the F- occurs naturally ( in the right concentration)----Pity not in Melbourne.


A graph which would be denied by the antifluoridation groups. By the way one of them cannot spell that long word ie. the"u" comes before the "o". Not very Thoughtful I thought.



By the way the 9 antifluoride councils of Queensland can hang their heads in SHAME go to the top of this page.

I am not going to spend much time on this, only the laughable.

1. It is a Communist plot

2. It is a Fascist plot

3. Parents rights to destroy their children's Dental Health through caries of their teeth !! tell a dental operator---denial of course.

4. The Fluoride Ion no matter where it comes from, it is the Fluoride Ion and always will be.

5. People, especially children can readily overdose on drugs especially the ones kept in draws by parents where children can access them !!

6,That is right it is not democratic it is a Fascist--Communist Plot.

7. To say that F- does not reduce dental decay, is what it is, just a blatant lie.

8.If fluorosis is on the cards--which it is not. maybe extremely mild in an extremely, extremely small no. of cases

9.Of course Fermentable carbohydrates cause decay. And of course The F- stops decay !!

10. Of course it is only a furphy to compare F- with any other "chemicals" "drugs". More research--trials have been done on the F- than all the other "chemicals" "drugs" etc put together.

11. To end of this tale of trivia, can any antifluoridationist put an extra pair of forceps in my hands so I can extract more teeth. See the top of this page, it was heart breaking.

12. Of course the classic ending is, hard to believe this one, money, parents can not pay the high fees of a dentist to have their teeth filled early enough.Would fewer cavities have been there if F- had been in the water supply, of course and a lot fewer, and the tooth, will most probably be extracted when the "tiny" cavity becomes a "huge" one--- could be an oxymoron this one.


If there is natural occurring F- in a water supply are the AFs going to remove it ?? And pay for the process themselves, for the good of humanity. I think not !!

The antifluoridationists--seem to have had their way in 9 Councils in Queensland.

Shame, shame, on them.

And to really end up here is aVideo. A bit of this a bit of that. Cheers to you all.







This young girl whose teeth and gingival condition I have examineed. Are in perfect condition. Her "gums" meet her teeth in a knifedge. Perfection. An example of water supply fluoridation at the optimum 1 ppm. And she has had only one restoration on an upper left premolar. It was"filled" with silver amalgam. I have left this for the very last as, SHAME on the operator,who performed this we live in modern times. A white composite carbon resin should have been used.



P.S. This young Dee is an operators delight and an antifluoridationists nightmare.



Let us have an end too Dental Caries

Before our teeth had a chance of survival, we have the pre Fluoridation Days, of Caries--------By the way I have seen it all !!


Now we will have a real LOOK.

Not really suprising !!

Of course pain was and is here try it!!

Note the silver "Fillings" It is 2013.

By the way, how young can you be !!

Watch the lower lip could be damaged !!

Why did not this fall off.


Continuing on, In Shakespeare---Hamlet -- "The play is the thing wherein we will catch the conscience of the King"--Should have been -- "Dental pain is the thing, wherein we will catch the conscience of the Councils and the Governments"